So that, everywhere, everyone means for someone

What « Links » means today? With technologies, Links, the most human concept, become virtuality. So many « friends », so many « likes » create… so many lonely people.

Meaningful Links International creates real human links- free- beetwen a children and an adult, in real life.

Every children needs to exist for someone. So many grow up without real attachment. Broken family, war, exil children or teenagers are, by millions, wandering all over the world. However, by millions also, all over, adults are willing to meet the lonely children and take care. Next to you, a children needs you Affective Adoption is the answer, free, starting in France, thirty years ago and now extended everywhere, which allow a children and a adult to exist one for the other, to create officially admited links;

Affective Adoption. Allready in Europe, Asia, Maghreb. Meaningful Human Links are extending more and more until every one exists for someone. This website tries to let you know how and where the human story extend the volonteer and vital human chain.